Thursday, September 30, 2010

I dare one of you to dress up as a Fried Egg.

I have always had a lot of fun on Halloween.  Maybe it's a mixture of the crisp, cool weather, the sugar high from all the candy, and the fun of coming up with a great costume.  (5th Grade - I dressed up as a FRIED EGG, and my best friend was a STRIP of BACON!  6th grade - we were a PHONE and PHONE BOOK.)

(Not sure if my mother was against purchasing costumes or not... When we were little, SHE made them for us, so I guess as I got older, I just assumed they were supposed to be hand made!  Either way, my egg ROCKED!)

My daughter's first Halloween was 2007.  That year, we invited several of our friends over who also had little ones.  We had so much fun taking pictures of them all in their FIRST costumes!  Since then, it's become a tradition to have a party at our house.  I would love to have a much bigger guest list than the size of our house allows.  So, we have to limit it to our gathering to just the "family" (which doesn't necessarily mean blood related).  The kids have an absolute blast and we always include the grandparents, because I think they enjoy it even more than the parents do!

How is it even possible that it is October already?  The summer goes by so quickly, but it seems like from here on out, the rest of the year moves in fast-forward!  I know I need to get invitations out right away, so this year, I put something together extremely quick and easy...

At Michaels, I purchased a "designer mat pad" with 18 pages of double-sided Halloween photo mounting paper.  The pages were 5 x 7, which is perfect for some A7 envelopes that I already had.

I typed up the invitation and added a color border and then printed it out, three on a page, on white card stock.  Then I trimmed it and attached each one to a sheet of the Halloween paper using four brads from a "Harvest" colored pack (also purchased at Michaels).

For the envelopes, I hand-wrote the addresses, but decorated them with stickers that match the Halloween paper.

Quick.  Easy.  Done.  Going in the mail tomorrow.   ...or maybe the next day...

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