Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cheri's "grown up s'mores"

My friend posted these on her blog and the second I finished reading her entry, I ran to my kitchen to make these!  EASY, delicious, and PERFECT for this weekend!!!  She used semi-sweet chocolate chips, and I used chocolate melts from the candy making aisle from Michaels. (Left over from peanut butter balls I made for Christmas).

Here's the link...

This would be really easy and fun to make with kids... however, since I found her post after my daughter was already in bed, she missed out on round 1.  I'll be making them again tomorrow to take to a BBQ at a friends house, so I'll let her help then.

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  1. i can't take all the credit, i did find them along the way on someone else's blog. and martha's craft dept blog has some fourth of july festive sprinkled versions right now too...